Reasons why people buy Private Medical Insurance

Reduced waiting times. You may have to wait several months for an important surgery or consultation in the public healthcare system. If you are in need of surgery and the waiting list is a couple of months, it can be a very worrying time for you and your family.

For normal day to day complaints, expats can seek help from a private medical practitioner and the cost of this may be fully covered by your employer provided health plan, however for more serious complaints, surgery etc. costs may not be fully covered.

Hong Kong and China are second only to the US for the highest medical costs in the world

Specialist referrals – you can ask your G.P to refer you to an expert for specialist treatment or consultation.

Expats sometimes prefer a western doctor for a number of reasons such as training and language.

You can choose the surgeon, hospital or doctor you use for your treatment.

Hong Kong Private hospitals are known for their state of the art equipment and nearly every hospital has been accredited via the Trent Accreditation Scheme of the UK demonstrating that all have the highest quality of service.

In the public healthcare system you may have to stay overnight in a public unisex ward. With private health insurance you can stay in a private room which are often described as being on par to 5* hotel rooms.

You may have access to any new specialist drugs and treatment; these may not be available using the public healthcare system due to expense.

Overseas coverage – you won’t have access to the subsidized local healthcare systems if you are abroad. This means visits to A&E, treatment or consultations can accumulate quickly leading to a large bill. You need insurance to cover these expenses so you are not out of pocket.

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