What will my Medical Insurance cover?

Inpatient cover

Inpatient cover is on all medical insurance plans and is not optional.

The amount of cover differs between medical providers but typically means you are covered for all expenses related to medical treatments that involve a one night stay or more at a medical facility.

These include:

Room costs, medicines given, surgical, anesthetic, operating room fees and diagnostic tests. 

Outpatient Cover

This is an optional benefit available to you.

This benefit provides cover for medical treatments which do not require an overnight stay in a medical facility.

These include:

Doctor’s general visits, specialist fees, prescription medicine, diagnostic tests, home nursing and alternative therapies.

Dental Cover

This is an optional benefit available to you

Dental coverage varies greatly from one plan to the next. Usually there are options to be covered for routine dental such as examinations and cleaning. Also there are usually options to be covered for major treatments such as crowns, dentures and bridgework.

There are usually co-payments or maximum percentage of cost limits which apply to the dental options.

Evacuation & Repatriation Cover

Sometimes this is included in the basic cover but sometimes is provided as an optional benefit.

If you have worldwide cover, no matter where you go in the world, your insurance will travel with you. If you find yourself suffering from severe illness or accident and the local medical services cannot help your evacuation cover will ensure you are transported to the closest hospital who can provide your treatment. This can cost over US$50,000 so if you travel a lot this cover is essential.

Repatriation is the same as evacuation however it provides you the option of getting treatment in your home country.

Make sure you read the policy & conditions for this option so you know when the insurer will allow this option to take place. 

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