How to choose your medical insurance provider

1.Does the insurance provider offer everything you need?

There are so many medical insurance providers offering different types of plans. You should make sure the provider you choose offers you the plan you want.

2. Is the insurer financially stable?

You should ask the medical insurance provider who re-insures their company and underwrites their plans. Check the reputation and financial stability of the underlying insurer.

3.Does the insurance provider offer guaranteed renewals?

You should check that the medical plan has guaranteed renewals. This means that if you incur high costs one year due to expensive treatment, the insurer cannot refuse your renewal cover the next year. 

4.Do they give you the option to manage your plan online?

If you travel a lot or don’t have time to contact the insurance provider many providers now have online log-in. Here  you can track claims and download claims forms for easy access. Also, why not create an ExpatInsurer account? Here you will be able to access all the insurers brochures, terms and conditions, and compare renewal quotes.

5.Do they have a good service track record?

The medical insurance provider should have service guarantees concerning how fast they pay claims or send out correspondence. Also to ensure easy and straight forward communication, check that they have multi-lingual customer service representatives.

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